ACM committee has been like the backbone of the IT department. Being part of this committee has been a great journey. With a great team, we are hoping to have huge success, and really looking forward to making amazing wholesome memories.

Sarang Saoji
HoD IT Department

ACM Student chapter provides tons of opportunities for networking, mentoring, and bonding over common interests. It helps students to improve their soft skills by taking initiatives in organizing the events, coding skills by participating in coding activities and it will improve their skill set by attending webinars, workshops held by ACM community. As a faculty coordinator it helps to build student faculty relationship.

Manjusha Amritkar
Faculty Co-ordinator

Meet Our Core Team

ACM Chair

Ashutosh Chalmal

ITSA Student

Ankit Chauhan

Vice Chair

Aashutosh Bhardwaj


Tanishq Singh


Shraddha Bhandarkar

Membership Chair

Akhyar Ahmed

Lady Representative


Web Developer

Aayou Mangwani

Social Media Head

Tanvi Naxane

ITSA Newsletter

Sayli Shrungare

Graphics Head

Shivani Rajhance

Marketing Committee

Pradyumna S


Samiksha Nehe

Graphics Co-head

Swati Karanjkar

Social Media

Saheb Singh Chandok

Marketing Co-Head

Prasad Vijay Mistary