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At I2IT ACM Student Chapter, we are dedicated for the overall development of our members and development of the computing community and society.


About us

Association of Computer Machinery (ACM) is the world's largest international body that comprises of students as well as the professionals. The body consists of eminent scientists, research scholars and students that create a wide network and come together to develop something out of the box. There are numerous research papers, manuscripts, conference proceedings available online at ACM Digital Library. Once you become the member of ACM family you get the complete access to Digital Library.

At I2IT ACM Student Chapter, we will be organizing different guest lectures, seminars, competitions, poster and paper presentations, project competitions, etc. Be the part of our family and get connected to the wide spread network of research scholars.

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Our Events

ACM has been organising events over a span of five years now. Each successful event is a result of creative ideas, well-thought out planning mixed with each and every member's along with faculty member's hardwork as well as co-ordination. After every triumphant event comes the planning of another event. From coding events to organising events related to academics, we have been focusing on every aspect of technical competitions that might give students a platform where they can test themselves.

At ACM, we not only limit ourselves to technical events, but we organise non-technical events too, because we believe in bringing out talented people to showcase their creativity. Lastly, for ACM members we organise social events every semester, wherein our members actively participate, see life from a different perspective, interact with people from different culture and lifestyle, and provide help to those who are in need.




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Our Team


Having people who understand each other and work well together combined with solid leadership, good communication and ideas that lead to productive collaboration is what makes a team great. Every year new members join ACM, and as a team we take responsibility of giving each and everyone a chance to showcase themselves, which will eventually boost up their confidence. We make every member feel like an essential part of the team by listening to their views and opportunity to express themselves and put their ideas for the events. Having a friendly environment makes everyone put in their best foot forward. Lastly, apart from all the hardwork, we have our fun and enjoy while we organise the events.

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