Interview Techniques and Resume Building

About Event

Date of Event- 23 February 2021

Venue- Online

Interview is an important selection technique where there is two-way exchange of information either on one-to-one basis or by an interview panel. The interview gets important information from the candidates and can also judge whether or not they can fit into the organisation culture. Another aspect of a good profile is one’s resume which details your skills and training, work experience, and education, and, most importantly, the accomplishments you have made with past employers and communicate in a concise manner the benefits you will bring to the job if hired.


Our main motive was to help students understand how a good profile is an essential part of surviving in any industry. Another major aim was to help students clear their doubts on how to build a good resume and what should International Institute of Information Technology Department of Information Technology Webinar Webinar on- “Interview Techniques and Resume building” ( I2IT ACM, ITSA, CESA, ISETS) 23 rd February 2021 be the contents of the resume. The event’s objective was to give students a glimpse of how to make your personality stand out in interviews.

Event Details

The event was graced by our speaker, Mr. Anurag Sharma who is a Mechanical Engineer, by profession a Mathematician(Trained more than 50,000 students and has a strong and rich alumni network of students from ivy colleges) and by choice; an enthusiastic Theatre Artist, Writer, Motivational Speaker, Mentor, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer and Entrepreneur. It was a team collaborated event with I2IT ACM, ITSA, CESA and ISETS committees of the college. It was an interactive session in which the students asked various kinds of doubts and queries related to their career, placements, resume, communication, grooming, interview preparation, aptitude preparation, etc. It not only helped students to crack the toughest of interviews but also helped them make informed calls for the next 5 years in their career.


This event was a team collaborated effort of all the students and teachers of ITSA and ACM Student Chapter of I2IT . All the students worked very hard and endlessly to conduct events at such a level. Also, with students all the teachers worked untiringly, helping and guiding the students at each and every step. Truly Distinguished Speaker Program was an example of great teamwork, unparalleled determination and a beautiful execution! Today's Distinguished Speaker Program with highly qualified ACM speaker amongst us, we had our many questions answered by them.