Ideas are backbone of ACM & ITSA


Mock Interview Competition.

The students will be given hypothetical company situation, wherein they would have to appear for a mock interview. They will be asked questions just like in actual interviews. The students will have to apply for different company posts and the interview would be conducted accordingly.

Vamshikiran Morlawar

Choose Wrong Answers

The participants will have to participate in the rapid fire round, in which there will be four options. The twist is that the three options out of four are correct, and the pariticipants have to choose the wrong answer instead of the correct ones. Instinctively, participants would choose the correct option, so it's a very interesting round full of twists when you have to choose the wrong answer.

Prabhav Karve

Wild Card Entry

This round is like a surprise round for the pariticipants. The pariticipants who weren't selected in the first round, and got eliminated, would get another chance to stay in the game. This would give them opportunity to stay in the game.

Shraddha Bhandarkar

1.Buzzer using Kahoot
2. Referral program

1. In this idea, the buzzer will make sound when any participant will click on the option first and fastest.
2. In this idea, the person who is able to refer the events to other people will get cashback on the events that he/she is participating in.

Vikrant Mitkari

ACM Day Workshop

Keep one day workshops on any technical topic which will be conducted under ACM and ITSA student chapter. This is to help students to learn something.

Aashutosh Bhardwaj

Combo Events

Since there are three events, and workshop and technical events are going to be held simultaneously and LAN gaming would be held later on. So the main idea is to offer participants a very exciting offer, wherein they would be able to participate in either workshop+LAN gaming or technical event+LAN gaming, and they would get combo offer which would cost them less money.

Kunal Goel

Exchange your mobile

In this idea, all the participants will have to submit their phones. They will then have to close their eyes, and infront of them, set of phones will be kept. The participants will have to guess which is their phone just by touching it.

Ashish Dhone

Marketing strategy.

The participants will be grouped in teams. Every member of the team has to sell a product which will be given on the spot. The idea is to enculcate marketing skills amongst students.

Tanishq Singh

Housie Twist

Participants will have to play this game just like normal Housie. The twist is that one of the number from the chips. There will be only one housie card with this no. on it. The person who has this no. on their card will eventually win the game. This is where unlucky gets lucky.

Akhyar Kathawala