Cleanliness Drive- “Cleaning Mula-Mutha river

About Event

Date of Event-20-21 February 2021

Venue- Mutha River

“We have to address the issues which prevent clean cities, clean rivers, regular, uninterrupted supply of essentials like water and electricity. ” – Narendra Modi

The Activist is not the person who says the Water is Dirty. The Activist is the person who Cleans Up the River. Clean, healthy rivers reduce human health risk and improve quality of life. Less trash increases recreational activities along rivers— clean and safe walk and run trails for the community. As recreational activities increase, tourists will be attracted. Thus, affecting both the economy and well-being of the community. Hence our social event this time was about volunteering and cleaning the river


Our main motive was to clean the river as much as possible and make our Earth a better place to live. Our motive was to embark on the qualities of cleanliness and not littering waste in the river in students.

Event Details

The event commenced at a small underpass near Amruteshwar temple which is near River Mutha Bank. This was the meeting point for all the volunteers for this event. The reporting time given to the volunteers was 7 am. This was a two hour event. We collaborated with Pune-Ploggers who have been given the dutiful task to clean the entire Mutha river within the span of three years by the government. Covid norms were followed and utmost care was taken by the volunteers. The volunteers were provide with hand gloves so that they could help and clean the river in an effective manner.

Volunteers cleaned a patch of land near the River Mutha shore in the span of two days. Over 150 volunteers were present to clean the river. Volunteers found a lot of waste near the river which was not thrown appropriately. This included factory or industry waste, biodegradable waste, sanitary napkins to name a few.


This event was a team collaborated effort of all the students and teachers of ITSA and ACM Student Chapter of I 2 IT. All the students worked very hard and endlessly to conduct events at such a level. Also, with students all the teachers worked untiringly, helping and guiding the students at each and every step.