About Event

Date of Event- 6 September 2020

Venue- Online - Google Meet

"Self defense is not just a set of techniques; it’s a state of mind, and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending." - Rorion Gracie
Self defense is a very essential in our day to day life, especially when danger in any form may come unannounced. For us, our life is most essential. In any sort of situation, we must be able to protect ourselves. This is the whole idea behind this E-Self Defense Workshop. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we were restricted from keeping this workshop in offline mode. However, we asked participants to get a partner and implement this workshop practically.


By the end of the session, we expect participants to learn some attacks, along with how to defend oneself when in danger. With couple of tricks, participants will be able to protect themselves with some punches and kicks, and also how to get away with a dangerous attack.

Event Details

This event was conducted by Mr. Satish Rajhance, who happens to be a Black Belt Dan 4 in KSI INDIA. He has won gold medal in International Championship held in Capetown, South Africa & won Bronze Medal in 2nd Asian Indoor Game held in Macau, China. Not only that, but he is WAKO Indian Team Coach & International Kickboxing Referee. A very talented personality, who is Technical Director of Maharashtra Thaiboxing Association (MTA).
Due to huge participation, we had to conduct this event in groups of three, wherein one group was for boys, while the remaining two groups were for girls alone. A total of 87 participants consisted of people not just from our college, but from other colleges as well as working professionals too.
There were a couple of guidelines that the participants were supposed to follow. These are mentioned below
1) Get yourself a partner(How about siblings?!)
2) Wear something comfy. Lower and T-shirt might be perfect!
3) Don't forget to keep a drinking water bottle with you.


Fitness is essential in our life. Most importantly we all know how crucial it is to defend ourselves from danger that could come uninvited. I'm glad that all of us were part of this great event and learnt how to defend ourselves. Having Mr. Satish Sir with us has been our honor. To conclude, we have become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings, and now we know strategies for avoiding and preventing attacks and know how to deal with common attacks.