About Event

Date of Event- 9 October 2019

Venue- Phase Pardi School, Chinchwadgaon, Pune

This social event was very inspirational and motivational event. We came to know that education is not just limited to academics, But also skill based. Having never seen a school which focuses more on skills and practical knowledge, we thought of giving the students' knowledge about various career options based on the skills the learn, motivating then to study and not to mention how important it is to become something in life and earn for themselves. We went to Phase Pardi School for this event. Not only did we teach them, but even we learnt a lot from them. These kids are specialized in lot of activities which include making potterties, artefacts, statues, welding, stiching, making biogas, making ayurvedic medicines and what not. Most of student are kids of backward Adivasi families whose parents have left them in the school to pursue education. We asked them about they want to become and telling them how they can achieve their dreams, we are sure that we have motivated them and brought a small positive change in their life. Sure they were mischievous but they had curiosity to learn more. We taught them:
Importance of English
Science Facts
Basic mathematics
How to give an introduction


Our annual I2IT ACM Students chapter social event this year was named "Prayass" , Prayaas a hindi word which means "To make an effort" and also our mission of the event an effort to educate the children of Pardi School an effort to make them laugh an effort to bring a change in their lives an effort to build up their confidence and encourage them to dream higher and bigger irrespective of all the problems they face in their day to day lives.Because of our small and continuous efforts we believe we can help them not only financially but also emotionally our enthusiastic ACM members actively participated in this social event which not only made our event a huge success but also helped us in our mission which was the first step towards betterment in the lives of these children