Poster Presentation

About Event

Date of Event- 5 March 2020

Venue- Near Convention Centre

Objective of this event was to see the creativity of the students,their presentation skills,thinking skills and how they demonstrate their thoughts.


1.Students will be able to communicate effectively with the engineering community and with the society at large.
2.Improves presentation skills of the students which will be helpful for them in future.
3.Students will be able to work in a team.

Events Details

Details-Total 71 students had participated in the activity and presented the posters prepared by them in team of 4. Main topics for the poster presentation was Yoga and Smart City under which following topics were covered by the students-

For Yoga-
1. 10 Traditional Asanas (Hand Made) with Muscles Information
2. Ashtang Yoga Presentation
3. Cultural Asanas Pics with description (By College Student)
4. 20 Therapeutic Asanas
5. Pranayam: Types, Procedure, Picture, Advantages, Do's & Dont's
6. Suryanamaskar: Description, Advantages, Picture of each Asana with the name of asana and breathing mechanism, Do's & Dont's.
7. Bandhas: Types, Procedure, Picture, Advantages, Do's & Dont's
8. Shuddhikriyas: Types, Procedure, Picture, Advantages, Do's & Dont's
9. Mudras: Types, Procedure, Picture, Advantages, Do's & Dont's
10. Yogic Prayers with Meaning (Min. 5)
11. Types of Yoga with Description.

For Smart City-
1. Waste Management
2. Water management
3.Energy Management
4.Traffic management

Students had participated enthusiastically and presented well in front of jury members Dr Shashikala Mishra Head of computer science department,Dr Risil Chhatrala Head of E&Tc department ,Prof Ajitkumar Shitole senior faculty from computer science department. Students were evaluated on parameters like creativity,presentation skills and appearance of the poster.