Placement Drive

About Event

Date of Event- 29-30 January 2021

Venue- Online

Placement Drive was a virtually conducted event for students to give them a glimpse of how placement for companies are conducted. A placement drive usually consists of aptitude round, a coding round, and technical and managerial interviews for students who aim to be placed in an IT company. So these rounds were conducted for students, especially third year students who were given a chance to compete among their classmates and have a feel of placements.


Our main motive was to help students understand how placement for a particular company in general is conducted. Students were made to compete with themselves, made to work on their profiles and resumes. Our main aim was to help students understand the competition and how to make themselves stand out amongst their peers.

Event Details

The event consisted of four rounds- aptitude test, coding test, technical interview and HR interview. Students were given a dummy job role by us, so that students can study the job role, understand what the dummy company does. Thereafter, the students were asked to send in their resumes. In the first round, i.e, the aptitude test, there were about 80 students who appeared for it. About 60 students cleared the aptitude test and they appeared for the coding test. Coding round consisted of strenuous as well as simple problem statements that required students to apply their basic concepts of programming. 40 students were selected from the coding round and they had to prepare for the technical interview. This technical interview was conducted by our college alumnus- Vamshikiran Morlawar, Rakhi Agrawal and Nithin Myakal. These panelists are highly professional people who are working at good companies. These panelists posed questions to our 40 students regarding their resume, their field of interest, concepts of programming and coding. Finally, 20 students were shortlisted for the HR interview for which our panelist was Mrs. Shreeya Rajadhyaksha. Finally 10 students were selected for the company’s job role.


This event was a team collaborated effort of all the students and teachers of ITSA and ACM Student Chapter of I2IT . All the students worked very hard and endlessly to conduct events at such a level. Also, with students all the teachers worked untiringly, helping and guiding the students at each and every step.