About Event

Date of Event- 14 June 2020

Venue- Online - Google Meet

The name of the event is Qrious, which is curious with a 'Q'. We came up with the idea of this name as we had revealed the 1st round of the event only. Rest all the rounds were kept under wraps, so as to keep the partcipants 'curious'. The main intention behind keeping rest of the rounds under the wrap was to create a sence of surprise for the participants.Most of the rounds were taken on the online quiz website called "" which also embedded enthusiasm in participants.


Since this event was intra college event, our main motve was to involve students from all branches and all years. The questons were kept simple and related to general knowledge and logical reasoning, so that students from FE, SE, TE and BE can partcipate. Our next motive was to reach out to maximum no. of students so that they know what is ACM commitee and what events are conducted under the banner of ACM.


Qrious event had total of fve rounds. We used '' to conduct our event. It is a site on which we can upload our quiz and the scores get evaluated based on who chose the answer faster. In our 1st round, we had twenty questons. We shortlisted four teams from the frst round. For the teams who weren't shortlisted, we organised 'Wild Card Round', in which we selected fve teams. To make it more interestng, we had another surprise round for the wild card entries, 'Common Sense Round'.This round was not conductucted on kahoot, but on pen and paper after which we chose three teams into the fnals. Our fnal round which was the most anitcipated for, was a very interestng round, with a twist. The questons had four optons, out of which three were correct and one was wrong. The fnalists were supposed to choose the wrong answer. n the end, we had special round for teachers, as it was Teacher's day the next day afer the event. Hence we thought we should conduct a fun round for teachers as well.



Team BABA (Saurabh Desai, Neel Harip)


Team Selector ( Aditya S, Rohan B)


Team NvPv (Nikhil V, Prem V)

Faculty winner

Prof Rakhi Wagh