About Event

Date of Event- 20 September 2020

Venue- Online - Google Meet

"The context in which a photograph is seen affects the meaning the viewer draws from it." - Stephen Shore
This event was for everyone (considering individual participation). This event gave the perfect opportunity for everyone to showcase their creative photography skills, but with a challenge which was Indoor Photography! The participants were given the liberty to choose the items from the list decided by the organizers, but with a twist.


Our main motive was to give students a platform that enhances their photography skills. This event gave them a platform to show their photography, combined with editing and creativity skills.

Event Details

For this event, we had 20 participants from colleges across Pune.
Participants were given a list of items out of which they had to choose one and use it as their main subject for the photograph. To make the event more challenging and interesting, the participants were given one compulsory item, which they were supposed to include in their photograph along with the chosen item. The compulsory item was a Coin. The items are given below-
● Lamp
● Coffee mug
● Fruits
● Flowers
● Watch/Clock
● Books/ bookshelf
● Shoes
● Tap/tap water
● Candles
● Fairy lights
● Ornaments
● Kitchen appliances
● Photo frame
After a really tough battle between all the photographers, the winners were chosen based on their creativity and the idea that they put behind the photograph, along with their stunning editing skills.


This competition was a team collaborated effort of all the students and teachers of ITSA and ACM Student Chapter of I2IT. All the students worked very hard and endlessly to conduct events at such a level. Also, with students all the teachers worked untiringly, helping and guiding the students at each and every step. Truly Captured 2020 was an example of great teamwork, unparalleled determination and a beautiful execution!