About Event

Date of Event- 14 June 2020

Venue- Online - Google Meet

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”
On this note we started our I2IT ACM Student Chapter Session of 2020-2021. This online event was specially conducted for our new ACM committee members who joined us this year. As COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak just rejuvenate our team members we conducted this fun event for all of them named ADVERT-WISE


Event was conducted for all the new executive members who joined I 2 IT ACM Student Chapter for the first time. Also event was planned in such a way that participants not only had fun during the event but also improved their communication skills and marketing skills at the same time through this process students not only came up with new ideas but also convinced their fellow participants to buy their product. Another major objective behind the event was that every team member now is well acquainted to each other and can now work as a better team in coming future events .

Event Details

ADVERT-WISE was a two round competition between our ACM members total of 50 committee members participated in this event who were eventually divided into 12 teams. Each team was given a product to advertise an hour before so that they can prepare their dialogues for presenting their products also every team was given a maximum of 5 minutes to advertise their products in which every member of the team must have their contribution advertising the product.
Products assigned to the teams to sell for the first round are as follows: -
1. Photo Frame
2. Lamp
3. Sponge
4. Hanger
5. Pillow
6. Bean Bag
7. Mic
8. Deodorant
9. Diary
10. Slippers
11. Toothbrush
12. Screw Driver

Products assigned to the teams to sell for the second round are as follows: -
1. Compass
2. Vase
3. Paper Weight
4. Safety Pin
5. Magnifying Glass
6. Briefcase


After hours of discussion and planning the event was conducted which turned out to be a great success and most importantly it served its purpose of building communication skills and inculcating innovative ideas to present their products better than others.