About Event

Date of Event- 20 September 2019

Venue- Convention Centre, I2IT

ACM Committee in I2IT was started on 15th september. Hence we celebrate ACM day on this day every year. However, since this year, 15th september was a holiday, we organised our event on 19th september. We had four events that we organised on account of ACM day. These are Ethical Hacking Workshop, Codestorm, LAN gaming, and a surprise event.


This event was inter college event organised by ACM student chapter. Our motive was to interact with students from other colleges and give them a platform to participate in various events that were conducted. This event was also conducted to encourage students of our college as well, so as to boost up their confidence, and also to motivate them to volunteer in conducting these events

Chief Guests

1: Mr. Ajay Deshpande- He is an eminent ACM speaker who has given talks on Big Data and SMAC technologies. He also has more than twenty years of work experience in software product development and building teams.

2: Mr. Neeran Karnik- He is a researcher and software architect with interest in areas like distributed systems, cloud computing and security. He has published more than twenty papers in academic conferences and holds 25 US patents.

3: Mr. Ashish Dhone- He is a certified Ethical Hacker. He is also founder of a startup, 'This look Secure'. He has also been rewarded by Google, Facebook and Alibaba for reporting bugs. He happens to be alumni of our college, I2IT.



Om Luchate


Fenil Mehta and Niranjan Rai


Akhyar Kathawala

Surprise Event

Kalyani Kathane